StrikeSpot! When to Fish and Where to Fish!

Let us guide you to the best fishing spots

StrikeSpot creates a customized fishing plan by predicting where to fish based on past trips and fish patterns

All spots logged and all your data remains private only to you.


Watch this Short Movie. Use Our Fishing Log. Start Catching More Fish.

Fishing Log Log Fish caught by only answering a few questions

Fishing Log Access your fishing log using your phone or home computer to add catches and upload photos.
With a single click, your current location (via GPS) will be used to mark your catch

Automatically Add Fishing Weather Data Automatically have data about your catch added.
Information includes weather, sun, geological, moon,
tide, water information and more all added about your catch with a single click

How To Fish! Go Fishing by forecasting when and where to fish!

StrikeSpot will recommend where to fish, when to go and what tactics to use.

This is done using advanced scientific methods to compare the
environmental conditions (like forecasted weather, tides, etc) for when you will be going fishing to the data of your past catch history.

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